• Physical Exams
• Vaccines
• Preventative Medicine
• Emergency Medicine
• Dentistry and Oral Surgery
• Micro Chipping
• Health Certificates
• Dermatology
• Surgery
• Pain Management
• Geriatric Medicine
• Orthopedic Surgery
• Valley Fever Testing
• Blood Testing
• Diagnostic Laboratory Testing
• Diabetes Testing and Maintenance
• Heartworm Testing and Prevention
• Fecal Exams
• Respiratory Infections
• Urinary Tract Issues
• Ear Infections
• Euthanasia

We treat all kinds of pets. Including: Cats, Dogs, Rats, Mice, Turtles and Tortoises, Ferrets, Pigs, Guinea Pigs, Snakes, Lizards, Goats, Bunnies and a whole lot more!

A large percentage of common pet health issues can be diagnosed and treated in your home. A few of these common health issues include: Scratching, licking, coughing, sneezing, limping, wounds, lacerations, behavioral issues, urination issues, diarrhea and more.

Our pets need care from time-to-time. Most pets don’t like to go to the vet and who likes to chase the cat around the house or drag the dog into a hospital? Don’t go to the vet when your pet needs help, we bring the Vet To You.